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Social innovations yield new impulses for social change. They change the thinking and behavior of people. Social innovations provide alternative possibilities to re-arrange everyday life as well as established forms of work, production and consumption in a more sustainable way. Social innovations originate from everyday actions of people, organizations as well as institutions. They are positive and practical solutions for determined problems, developed by those affected. For this reason, social innovations can offer more sustainable solutions than administratively planned strategies for change.

Social transformation toward sustainability needs social innovations. It is the driving engine of social change and a source for the renewal of established structures and actions. Social innovations directly appreciate participation and collective vision. They promote the developments of sustainable and broadly accepted solutions for ecological problems. However, up to now there has been no systematic application of the potential found in social innovation processes and projects.


Our topics

Participation in sustainable transformation

Innovation of social structures

Alternative forms of consumption

Restructuring of organizations and processes with a focus on participation and diversity

Setting up strategies and campaigns for social innovation and sustainable consumption


Our services

ISIconsult offers research and consulting services to promote and realize social innovations in society. By research the potential of alternative practices are uncovered and their possibilities for establishment analyzed and evaluated. By consulting we support companies and organizations as well as political institutions in their attempts to develop strategies and implement alternative practices for sustainability.


Innovation as social restructuring is the basic concept for research and consulting. Problems and solutions are uncovered by the thorough use of functional analysis and other case-sensitive methods.

Unexpected and surprising events are no disturbance but rather a chance for change.


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